Shaheed Bhai Amarjeet Singh Khemkaran

Shaheed Bhai Amarjeet Singh Khemkaran was born into the household of Sardar Kashmeer Singh & Mata Gurdeep Kaur in the year of 1953 in the village Khemkaran which nears the Pakistan border. Generally people hailing from the Majha area of Panjab are traditionally very fit, athletic and have strong muscular physique. Bhai Amarjeet Singh was […]

Shaheedi Of Bhai Anokh Singh Babbar

One day Bhai Sahib was arrested by Vairoval Police in the Amritsar area. For many days Bhai Sahib was kept hanging upside down in the police station. Foot-long metal rods were heated up and hammered into his legs, from the heels upward. A pin was put through his private parts and an electricity connection was […]

1991 Khanpur Family Massacre

In order to suppress the Sikh movement the Indian government resorted to killing innocent Sikh people as a way of forcing them to stop supporting the Sikh freedom fighters. Hundreds of thousands of Sikhs were martyred and hundreds of families were killed in entirety. One of such families is of Bhai Bachan Singh resident of […]