1978 Shaheeds


1978 Shaheeds


On Vaisakhi 1978, 13 Sikhs were martyred by the heretical Narkdhari (Nirankari) cult. A Jatha of Singhs had peacefully marched to protest the cult’s repeated insult of Sikh Gurus and faith. The Jatha were fired upon by the Narkdhari Militia who were aided by the Indian Police. The Shaheeds gave their lives but rekindled the Sikh spirit.

On September 26, 1978, another Jatha of peaceful Sikh demonstrators were fired upon by the Narakdhari cult, this time in the city of Kanpur.

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1978 Amritsar Massacre Shaheeds

Jathedar Amreek Singh
Bhai Avtar Singh
Baba Darshan Singh
Bhai Dharambeer Singh
Bhai Fauja Singh
Bhai Gurcharan Singh
Bhai Gurdial Singh
Bhai Harbhajan Singh
Giani Hari Singh
Bhai Kewal Singh
Bhai Pyara Singh
Bhai Raghbeer Singh
Jathedar Ranbeer Singh

1978 Kanpur Massacre Shaheeds

Kaka Balwant Singh
Bibi Darshan Kaur
Bhai Gurjeet Singh
Bhai Harcharan Singh
Bhai Jagjeet Singh
Bhai Kashmira Singh
Bhai Kishan Singh
Bhai Manmohan Singh