Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh

Bhai Fauja Singh was born on 17th May 1936 in District Gurdaspur. His father Sardar Surain Singh was a middle class farmer. After the formation of Pakistan they moved to the village of Gazneepur, which is 6 miles on the Gurdaspur Dera Baba Nanak road.

Shaheed Bhai Dharambeer Singh

Shaheed Bhai Dharambeer Singh Ji was born on 15th March 1953 in Delhi. His father’s name was Bhai Lal Singh and his mother’s name was Baal Kaur. His father was from the village of Sahowaal, Tehsil Daska, in the District of Sailkot in Pakistan.

Shaheed Baba Darshan Singh

Shaheed Baba Darshan Singh Ji was born in the village of Nawan Vaironangal in the Tehsil of Batala at the house of Sardar Achher Singh. At the time of Shaheedi his age was between sixty-five to seventy years old and he was religious minded from childhood. His mother and father were Amritdhari and he took […]

Shaheed Bhai Avtar Singh

Shaheed Bhai Avtar Singh Ji was born in 1912 in the village of Kurala in the district of Hoshiarpur. His mother’s name was Dhan Kaur and his father’s name was Bhagwan Singh. In his early years he was educated at Moolak Kula primary school. His father was in the army and due to his bravery […]

Shaheed Jathedar Amreek Singh

Shaheed Jathedar Amreek Singh Ji was born 1957 to Harbhajan Kaur and Kundan Singh in the village of Kajala in Amritsar. He has one elder and four younger brothers. After completing his primary education he was not interested in studying any more. He had a great love for Gurbani and Sikh History.