Jagtar Singh Johal Gets Bail in Baghapurana (Moga) Case After 3 Years

Scottish citizen Jagtar Singh Johal was today granted bail by Punjab and Haryana High court in Baghapurana (Moga) Case. Jagtar Singh, commonly known as Jaggi Johal, was picked by Punjab police up from Ramamandi (Jalandhar) on 4 November 2017. Police later recorded his arrested in FIR number 193/2016 (police station Baghapurana).

Operation Bluestar

Chronology of Events A situation which could have been resolved without a shot being fired was allowed to deteriorate to the point where the sacred sanctity of a place of worship was desecrated in the most brutal way with death and destruction. In addition to the followers of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, thousands of innocent pilgrims who […]

Sikhs Contribution to Indian Independence & Promises Made

The Sikhs played a pioneering role in India’s struggle for independence from the British. They made sacrifices wholly out of proportion to their demographic strength (the Sikhs make up less than 2% of the Indian population). (Figures below provided by Maulana Abul Azad, President of the Congress Party at the time of Indepedence.)

Babbar Akali Movement

The Babbar Akali Movement came into existence when the peaceful Akali struggle for Gurdwara reform was passing through a crucial stage. Popular Sikh shrines like Nankana Sahib, Tarn Taran Sahib and Guru-ka-Bagh were occupied by the Mahants, who had made the shrines into their personal property, vanquishing the sanctity of the holy places. The Mahants had become […]

Saka Tarn Taran

A religious gathering was held at Akal Takht, Amritsar on 15th-16th November 1920. In this, a committee of 175 was formed which was named Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Commitee (SGPC). The aim of the SGPC was to manage Gurdwaras and uplift the religious moral and cultural level of the Sikhs. As such, the committee was taking […]