Pray to the Guru To keep this Lamp always LIT

Cherishing the comfort of satguru‘s feet, beloveds of guru, Waheguru ji ka Khalsa! Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

i will tell you a fable:-

The sun… was setting down first time. As it was going down, the light was decreasing.

As the light was decreasing, the sign of darkness were appearing.

There was a great tumult everywhere.

People were worried that after the sun hides, Darkness will set in, And no one will be able to see anything.

They felt helplessness! The entire world was worried, but the sun set.

Then the darkness, in order to show its might, sets its foot on Earth.

But some where far away in a little hut, a little lamp raised its head. It proclaimed, ‘I challage the Darkness’ ´ ˜if not much, at least i won”t let darkness settle arounf me´

”I will establish light around Myself”

it is said that, watching that little lamp, Lamps began springing up in every little hut thereafter. And the world was amazed… That these lamps stopped Darkness from spreading, so that people could see.

I believe, Today, when darkness is trying… to overwhelm the truth…with all its might, then if not much the self-respecting Punjab… is challeging the darkness like the lamp.

And i pray to the Guru, Who Identifies with truth, To keep this Lamp always LIT.

Bole so Nihal! Sat Sri Akal!

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