Shaheed Bhai Jarnail Singh Halwara

Shaheed Bhai Jarnail Singh Halwara was born in village Manak Majra which is located approximately 3 miles from Mandi Gobindgarh, District Ludhiana (now presently in territorial jurisdiction of District Fatehgarh Sahib) in the month of January, 1961, into a small farming family.

How The Singhs Punished Gobind Ram

An oppressor thinks that after he has committed his evils, people will be terrified. They will forget their honour and pride and bow before him. This does not always happen. It is said that a crowd has no mind, but sometimes there are some people with a mind in the crowd who stand up and […]

Shaheed Bhai Raminderjeet Singh ‘Tainee’ Babbar & Shaheed Bibi Manjeet Kaur Babbar

Of those thousands of warriors that were martyred in the struggle for the Sikh Nation’s freedom there was a Saint Soldier who was very firm in bani and bana by the name of Babbar Raminderjeet Singh Tainee.

Shaheed Bhai Ravinder Singh Babbar

It is not easy to be a Shaheed. An abhyaasi Gursikh once told me that a Shaheed does find a place in Sach Khand but only if his last moments are free from ego and he has died not for glory or out of stubbornness but for the sake of the Panth. In the final […]

Shaheed Bhai Mengha Singh Babbar

“True Lord, may my body be a sacrifice unto your feet, Guru, father, may I not show my back in the field of battle, and may I be martyred battling the enemies of the faith. Guru, Father, have mercy on me, may the enemy’s bullets not hit my back, may I take them upon my […]